Nodal Exchange


Our Mission: To be the most trustworthy and effective cash-settled commodities exchange in the markets we serve enabling better risk reward management

There are thousands of distinct price locations (nodes) in the organized North American wholesale electric markets. Yet, until now, the complexity of the power markets and the associated technological sophistication of the systems required to serve them have prevented the development of adequate forward markets to supply liquidity and allow complete hedging of power portfolios.

Nodal Exchange is the first commodities exchange dedicated to offering locational (nodal) futures contracts and related services to participants in the organized North American power markets. Nodal Exchange builds on the success of the existing Regional Transmission Organization (RTO/ISO) Day Ahead and Real Time markets by allowing its Participants to trade cash-settled, fully standardized contracts in a cleared market, enabling market Participants to effectively manage basis and credit risk. Nodal Exchange's Nodal LiveTrade and Nodal BlockTrade services, cleared through LCH.Clearnet, provide enhanced basis and credit risk management and produce the forward price transparency and transaction liquidity needed in the North American power markets.

On the Nodal LiveTrade platform, Participants submit orders into a central limit order book. Nodal Exchange's Nodal BlockTrade service allows Participants or their brokers to submit Participants' executed block trades to Nodal Exchange for clearing. In order to avoid counterparty risk, all transactions executed on or through Nodal Exchange are cleared by LCH.Clearnet.

Nodal Exchange offers on-peak and off-peak power contracts for monthly terms, with expiries of up to a forward 68 months, at commercially significant hubs, zones and nodes in the following organized electric markets: ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, MISO, ERCOT, and CAISO. Nodal Exchange also offers a Henry Hub natural gas contract.

In the future, Nodal Exchange intends to further expand its product offerings and also extend its services to other market regions in the US and Canada.